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ben stiller derek zoolander blue steel super model look

Is there really a Zoolander Blue Steel modeling look? Plus other fashion Looks!

Is there really a Zoolander Blue Steel Look?


derek zoolander2 film poster modeling supermodelBecause there’s not many films out there about modeling, if you wanted to get a glimpse of that crazy world, Zoolander (2001) is pretty much it.


Now that the sequel, Zoolander 2 (2016) is playing in theaters, there’s even more jokes and gags thrown around.


But Zoolander is a spoof about modeling. We can’t take their jokes seriously right?






ben stiller derek zoolander blue steel super model look

Yes, it’s meant to be a joke and yes, it’s meant to be silly and goofy.


The “Blue Steel” look is a facial expression a top model like the fictional Derek Zoolander would give to the camera for a cool pose.


I remember when I saw the film for the first time, and when the Blue Steel look was performed by actor Ben Stiller, I laughed my @$$ off and didn’t take it seriously for one bit.

And yet… years later… I find myself giving this look occasionally at some fashion shoots.


Does this type of look really exist in the modeling world?

zoolander blue steel look

The answer is Yes,

there is a Blue Steel look but most professionals in the modeling industry refer to this look as the “Cool” or “Fierce” look.

This particular look was very popular in the 90s and can be found in many magazines. It was popular because it conveys the attitude of coolness.




dolce gabbana supermodels face shapeFashion models are expected to be skinny.

Having low body fat causes facial features to stand out.

This means areas around the cheek and jawline are sharp, which also highlights the model’s cheekbones.


Junewu Jeff supermodels face shape breaking into modeling zoolander blue steel lookestee lauder models face breaking into modelingNowadays, when a photographer or a magazine editor uses the term fierce, they are usually referring to the high amount of style and attitude in both the model and the setting.




The Blue Steel look however, died down much since its inception because amateur models started to use this look in all their photo shoots, which made them look unnatural and contrived.


Agencies and photographers alike were so tired of this exaggerated look that if an unsuspecting model were to use it, he or she would be immediately labeled a fool.


The reason being, if you are already skinny with sharp facial features, further sucking in your cheeks and pouting your lips will make you appear weird and silly.


supermodel squirrel


Now let’s take a look at other popular fashion looks.

Remember, it’s the facial expressions and not the makeup and styling that we are focusing on.



The Glamour Look

The centerfold look.

glamour fashion modeling look face models tyra banks gisele David Gandy junewu

Glamour is about beauty. So most think that this look is about the fancy hairstyle, make up, and lighting. It is, but more importantly, it’s about the eyes. There is usually a special light equipment that a photographer uses to make the eyes glow.

The model looks into the camera with a piercing gaze. The result is a powerful look that you can’t ignore.


The Edgy Look

The I’m too cool for school look.

edgy fashion models look breaking into modeling junewu xingkai

The famous high fashion look that makes models appear full of attitude is used by many ad campaigns. It’s almost as if they are thinking, “What’re you looking at?”

This look is usually achieved by tilting your head upwards or downwards but keeping intense eye contact.


The Seductive Look

The dreamy eyes and ecstasy look

seductive look fashion models kate moss junewu adriana lima


Remember, fashion modeling is about elegance and class. Even if you are selling lingerie or intimate apparel, it is done tastefully. The models are not selling sex but style.


This look has the model in an almost dream like state, as if they are just getting out of bed- barely awake. The look is soft and vulnerable which draws the viewer in.



The Preoccupied Look

The natural and caught in the moment look

preoccupied look david beckham junewu fashion model

I agree, the name of this look may sound funny but it’s definitely among the most popular fashion looks out there.


This is one of David Beckham’s signature look.

He tenses up his eyebrows and looks away from the camera as if something has caught his attention or that he is deep in thought. The result is a cool and sophisticated feel.


This style is great for fashion because since the model is not looking at us, we can concentrate on what they are wearing and not be distracted by their gaze.


The In-Motion Look

The hey I am unnaturally having fun look

in motion look junewu lacoste tokyo twerk ad jumping modeling

And finally, one of the most difficult looks to pull off… is the in-motion look.


Used by sporty designer wear like Lacoste, this look shows off the model as if they were caught in slow motion. The idea is, if slow motion sequences in movies are cool, why not use them in advertisements?


Most people don’t realize that although the models look comfortable, they are actually not. It takes a lot of self control to jump and move through the air without tensing up your face. To make it look natural and as if you are truly having fun…. even if this is the 16th jump and you start to hate modeling… is not as easy as you’ll think.




There you have it. The popular looks that models know like the back of their hands.


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You don’t want to miss the sold my soul to the devil for an underwear ad look. LOL 😀

underwear modeling look junewu model


or there is also, the Don’t look at me but look at my watch look.


watch look ad modeling leonardo dicaprio junewu supermodel






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